How Life Roles Make You Age And Die

You adopt life roles, because they are neat and ready – and because you have no clue what else you could be doing. Roles offer to answer the pesky questions of life. They offer definition and goals: the two things you should find for yourself.

But they are hard work, no one tells you how it’s done. So you accept roles for relief. In fact, there would be backlash if you didn’t. But roles don’t allow you to think for yourself and form your own identity.

Once you’ve adopted them, you’ll be busy adjusting your behaviour according to the role.

  • Are you a Christian? What would Jesus do?
  • Are your neighbours loud? How would a cool guy react?
  • Are you engaged? What do engaged people aspire to?
  • Did your boyfriend sleep with someone else? How should a girlfriend react?
  • Economic news on your FB feed? What is a person of your ideology supposed to think about it?

What is left if you stop playing all these roles and decide what you are, what you think, and what you aspire to? Continue reading