Alpha – Where the swans live


We were late for the conference because we waited for more people. First arrived the twins, Sky and Slava. I knew them from Belgrade. They were jokers. You could never tell whether they were serious but they always meant business. Continue reading


Alpha – When war comes to you

My attackers were airborne and about to descend on me when they hit an invisible wall between us. The blow distorted the woman’s face and threw her back. She landed on her backside with a dull thump. It was comical and the humour helped me to recover. She quickly assumed the face of an injured, old lady, too weak to hurt anyone and unjustly attacked when she was just being nice. Predictably, she had also detached herself from her son. She would only share in the prey, not in the blows.

But she was still dangerous. She was looking for a way to benefit from the new turn of events. I stood up and slammed her innocent face with a brick. I chose a plain brick because the last time I directed energy at them it turned back against me.

Then I turned to find the son but he was already begging for mercy. Unluckily for him, the guy towering above him was unlikely to commit that mistake. He had something better than a brick though. Continue reading


Alpha – Remote-activated, heat-guided humans

I had to leave London, but I had no particular destination in mind. Still something made me go to Geneva. It was the Call.

And when I was there, I saw a few extraordinary things.

First, there was that billboard.

When you’re in the Silence, or Out, you see things you can’t see in reality – and vice versa. I was used to that. I couldn’t hear most of the babble of humans and their thoughts when I was submerged in the Silence. So I spent a lot of time there.

What I haven’t seen before was a billboard that was only visible in the Silence. It was visible only to me. Passers-by would see yet another Swiss time piece on yet another celebrity. Aspirants can communicate through the Silence, so that only the recipient can hear it. But it wasn’t a personal message to me, any Aspirant passing by could see it. How many of us could possibly be in Geneva?

It was the advertisement of a cosmetic clinic. It promised to make you look older – if you’re “bored with your twenties”. Whoever put it there knows who we are and how we communicate. Continue reading


Alpha – Would you like to read a catcaller’s mind? Why not?

Phase one of a catcaller attack: Getting the idea.

Marcel was walking down the lakeside promenade. It was a pleasant morning, sightly misty, just to his liking. He wasn’t in a hurry and he enjoyed himself. It was Friday, but it was a day off. It was his team-building weekend, when his boss would pay for all the booze and girls. No wonder he felt elated. He also allowed himself a beer or two for breakfast, so he felt brave, slightly horny, and on the top of a certain, undefined pecking order of life. He was headed to the marina to catch the ferry to Lausanne.

That was when he spotted a girl. She was alone, lying on a bench. She wasn’t tapping her phone or had any other excuse for lying there.

Is she alright? he wondered, but he didn’t slow his pace. What if she was attacked and left there bleeding? He hesitated. Was he supposed to help? How long before the ambulance arrives? He can miss departure. That would be a shame.

He hesitated.

What if she wasn’t attacked at all? He would look ridiculous. He preferred to play it safe. No unsolicited help. That way you’ll never embarrass yourself. He decided to leave.

But then he saw me closer and changed his mind.

I knew it because I could hear his thoughts. He was the first to appear for a long time, and I must have let my guards down. He could obviously see me. Continue reading