How Life Roles Make You Age And Die

You adopt life roles, because they are neat and ready – and because you have no clue what else you could be doing. Roles offer to answer the pesky questions of life. They offer definition and goals: the two things you should find for yourself.

But they are hard work, no one tells you how it’s done. So you accept roles for relief. In fact, there would be backlash if you didn’t. But roles don’t allow you to think for yourself and form your own identity.

Once you’ve adopted them, you’ll be busy adjusting your behaviour according to the role.

  • Are you a Christian? What would Jesus do?
  • Are your neighbours loud? How would a cool guy react?
  • Are you engaged? What do engaged people aspire to?
  • Did your boyfriend sleep with someone else? How should a girlfriend react?
  • Economic news on your FB feed? What is a person of your ideology supposed to think about it?

What is left if you stop playing all these roles and decide what you are, what you think, and what you aspire to? Continue reading


How To “Know Thyself”

“Know thyself”

This is your highest responsibility in life. To figure out, who you are and – as a result – what you want.

Without it you are less than a human, you are a mere Mirror of others, a response to their actions, a reaction to their nudges, an echo of their opinions. It doesn’t matter if they are Mirrors themselves. That just makes you even less. Continue reading

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There is a curious phenomenon, when a blind person can sense and react to certain visual stimuli despite having no visual experience of it. Like sensing a light source or movement. They can reach for an object without consciously seeing it.

This can happen due to brain damage, when the eyes are intact, but the brain fails to translate the visual input into images.

This is also how people react to energy. They underlying dynamics of their interactions are invisible to them, but they still react to it. They move towards the source of energy and try to extricate themselves when in the grasp of a vampire. Continue reading


“The Meaning of Life” – and other chronically underdefined questions

There are a few questions people enjoy chewing on endlessly. Some of them inevitably come up, when people discuss longevity or mortality. One of these sloppy questions is “the meaning of life”. Let’s see what’s sloshing around in the little minds when they appear to ask Big Questions. (Hint: they’re just whining.) Continue reading


4 Reasons You Should Never Ask A Friend To Read

How many times have you heard…

“I am keeping your manuscript so I can sell it when you’re famous…”

…but they haven’t even bothered to read your story. Or if they have…

1. It will be a giant exercise in ad hominem

A complete stranger writes about rape? How graphic was it? How scary? It will annoy the feminists, etc. They will consume the text the way it was meant to and you could clearly see whether it works.

A friend wrote a story about rape: Was he raped? Did she rape someone? How does she know this? That’s not how rape works. Why did he give it to me? Is this a hint? Continue reading


6 Things Wrong with Immortal Stories (Written by Mortals)

I used to think there was nothing left to be told about immortals. It is a boring subject, exhausted by the sci-fi and fantasy literature. I wouldn’t read an immortal story myself.

Until I took a second look at the ones we already have.

Re-watching the Highlander I realised what I did not see as a child (and before I studied scriptwriting): Great music, but there is not much there in terms of a story. I am supposed to be shocked by the fact that there are immortals. They show me one resurrections and I don’t recover for the full 90 minutes. In the meatime they fight away. Only one can be left.

When they try to explain, why immortals exist, the story gets unbearably awkward. (Anyone remembers the second and third part of that movie? No? That’s for a reason.)

Or take vampire stories. The only thing sexy about a bloodsucker is that it is immortal and has the power to turn you into one. There’s nothing more to this line.

After a quick meta-analysis of the immortality-meme I found 6 things that annoy me about our image of immortality. Continue reading


How To Get Out Of Hypnosis?

People to us are like children to you. They imitate first and then they understand. Or not. Seeing an example, a role model is the best way to bring them up to speed. No amount of teaching can do that because they remain dependent on their teachers to keep telling them what to think and how to see things. They better have a role model to follow and stumble through the pitfalls of finding their own ways. And while going through the motions of imitation, they will find out what it actually takes. Trying to educate people is a noble intention (most of the time), but useless. You simply indoctrinate them with the same misunderstandings you harbour and the same habits, traditions and world view that led you nowhere.

Speaking of your view of the world. Imagine mortals like crippled humans. They have limited functionality – even though they shouldn’t. They age and die early because they have been incapacitated. And not just physically. Physical obstacles can be overcome but they suffer from ideas that can cripple people en masse.

A very wise man once explained to me how you can wake up from a hypnosis. Continue reading